Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hucks Bucks Bigg Rewards?

Huck’s Bucks Bigg Rewards is our Loyalty Reward App that allows you to earn rewards & offers.

What does it cost to join Huck’s Bucks Bigg Rewards?

There is no cost – all you need is a Huck’s Bucks account.

How do I get started?

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account. Begin using the app immediately

What is my loyalty ID?

Your Loyalty ID is your full phone number including area code.

How does Huck’s Bucks Bigg Rewards work?

With any qualifying purchase, you earn 20 points for every $1 spent and 10 points for every gallon of fuel purchased. You can redeem these points for many different rewards.

Why does the Huck’s Bucks Bigg Reward app ask for my location information?

Your location information is needed to locate the Huck’s Nearest to you and make your search quick and easy.

What if I don’t have a mobile device or don’t want to have the Huck’s Bucks Bigg Rewards app on my phone?

You will be able to log in on our website to manage your account and see your point balance.

How do you use my personal and purchase information?

We do not share your personal or purchase information. Purchase information is used to help us better provide you with offers and information you are interested in.

Why do you ask for my birthday?

Huck’s Bucks members will receive a Free Large Coffee or Bigg Swigg and 100 bonus points on their birthday.

I earned a coupon, how do I use it?

To use a coupon, follow these simple steps:
Open the Huck’s Bucks Bigg Rewards app, Go To Coupons (Redeem) select the coupon(s) you want to use by selecting +Add. Once you have +Added your coupons, you can find active coupons by going to View Added Coupons. Once you have the cashier scan your Barcode or you enter your phone number manually into the pin pad, any coupon that qualifies for the criteria of the coupon, will be applied to your order once Subtotal has been hit (at this time no more items can be added to the order). Coupons once Added to your cart, will remain active until the coupon expires or it is used successfully.

I have multiple coupons, can I apply them all to one purchase to cover the cost of most of my purchase?

Yes, Up to 10 coupons can be used in one transaction.

Do my coupons expire?

Yes, all rewards expire, you can check your account for current rewards and view expiration dates.

Are there any special offers for tobacco?

There are exclusive tobacco offers available in the app for those that are 21+. For those that do not yet have the app, download the app on Apple Store and Google Play Apple | Android. After the app is downloaded select Over 21 Offers. Complete a one time age verification. Tobacco offers will be displayed. Add any offers you would like to use to your cart and enter your phone number at the register!

How do I earn points?

Simply open your app when you check out and have your cashier scan your Barcode, enter your phone number including area code into the customer facing pin pad or provide your phone number to the cashier to earn points automatically.

Can I earn points on everything in the store?

No. Certain items or services on which Huck’s Bucks points are not earned, and on which redeemed points cannot be applied. These include: age-restricted products including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco and nicotine products, lottery, lotto and video poker; financial cards/products including but not limited to money orders, gift cards, reloadable/prepaid cards, phone cards, Pay Near Me income; applicable taxes and fees including but not limited to sales tax; postage stamps; donations; shipping services. These exclusions are subject to change at Huck’s discretion.

I purchased fuel using Huck’s Bucks, why does my discount not show on my receipt?

Discounts are typically applied before you pump fuel, so the price per gallon rolls back the amount of the discount(s). Because the price rolls back, a discount does not show on the receipt.

How do I know how many points I have earned?

You can check your account balance at any time by opening the app and the main screen will display your points available if you are logged into your Huck’s Bucks app.

My receipt total was more than the points I received. Why?

You earn points on all pre-tax sales and not the receipt total, which includes tax.

Can I give the cashier my phone number to apply my points to my account?


Besides points, are there other ways to get free food and discounts?

From time to time we provide special rewards and offers for our members. Be sure to open your emails and check Offers in our app so you don’t miss any offers or rewards!

I have an account but didn’t have the Huck’s Bucks Bigg Rewards App with me when I made my purchase. Can I still earn points?

If you do not have your phone with you, please provide your phone number to the cashier to earn points.

Do my points expire?

Yes, points will expire if you go a year without making a Huck’s Bucks purchase, all of your points will expire at that time.

How long does it take for points to be credited to my account?

Points should be credited to your account promptly after a qualifying purchase is complete. However, in certain circumstances, it is possible there may be some delay for the points to appear and be available for redemption.

I purchased a Huck’s gift card, can I earn points?

Purchasing gift cards do not earn points. However if you have a gift card and wish to use it to pay for your items, you can receive points as long as you are a member.

None of these situations apply & I still don’t know why I didn’t earn points. What can I do?

Please log into the Huck’s Bucks Bigg Rewards App and go to Rewards. Once in the Rewards section, go to the Earn tab and scroll to the bottom to select Need Help. We will respond within 5 business days to help resolve your issue.

My app is frozen and won’t advance to the next screen, What do I do?

Try logging out of your account and then closing the Huck’s Bucks Bigg Rewards app on your device. Restart the app and begin using it as usual. If the problem persists, select the the Earn tab in the Huck’s Bucks portion of the app, scroll to the bottom and select Need Help?